Lower speeds on my router compared to my (ISP) Modem


I am a layman when it comes to networking. I just bought my router, the ASUS-N56U, and my modem has way different speeds. My modem is from Time Warner and plan to get my own next month of so. My speeds are suppose to be 300/20, which I get a little less then 100/10. I know modem I got from Time Warner is a modem/router and they disabled the wireless features so i can use my router. When I load up the router software from the disk (Tried finding it on the site but could not find the software but only firmware updates). Do you think Time Warner is messing with my router or do you think I need to tinker with the settings?

My router:

Are your cables all cat5e or cat6? If they're cat5 or anything less then you will only get 100mbps.

My router speeds

My modem speeds

have a new Ethernet cable I am using for my router from the box. Tested it with the modem and it shows 300/20, but when hooked up to the router it shows less then 100/10

Umm..... did you check to make sure that you're plugged into a gig port?

All ports are gigabit on the N600.. turn qos off.. and all unncessary services... if you want to keep qos on keep your computer's ethernet port connection on the route marked to exempt.. allowing pure pass through... if its still bottlenecked.. I think it may be the modem connection to the router thats having the issues... (ISPs have been caught intentionally screwing with connections and TWC is no stranger)... your ping is the same so thats actually interesting haha
Make sure all your ethernet cables are CAT 6 (category 6) ethernet cables.. Cat 5 though it will display 1gbps on computer has a theoretical limit of 100 mbps... Cat6 is designed for gigbit speeds... its worth the investment in a good shielded CAT 6 :D

I am assuming you are using wireless to connect to the pcs since you have a wireless router? is this correct?

if not personally i would return the router after i factory reset it and power cycled the modem if these didn't fix the issue.

If you are wireless perhaps some interference?

I have alot of family mamebers who use wireless and need a router for laptops, phones, ect.

Yep, I did. Made sure I did that when I set up the router

if you go to "network and sharing" and click on "change network adapters" and the right click on the "local area connection "and click on "status" does it say 100 or 1000 under speed?

if it says 100 there is the problem. the link between the pc and the router is only 100mbps, so ether the cable or the lan port on the pc is the problem, or faulty router not sensing the gigabit link defaulting to the 100mbps.

are all the computers having the same speed on the wired network? not able to go above 100?

and when i said return, i should have said return and ask for replacement.

RMA it back to Asus. This isn't the first time I've seen one of their routers dump network speeds to 10/100.