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Lower CPU speed when RAM is set to rated Speed?



In the BIOS of my MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon the Gskill Aegis DDR4 3000mhz RAM is detected as 2133 out of the box. (CPU is Ryzen 2700x)

In the past I have manually set the DRAM Frequency to 2750mhz. (I can set it via DRAM Frequency or XMP to the rated 3000mhz just fine, but the problem is that this MSI Board ramps up the Fan Curve for the CPU with anything over 2750mhz, (there is a a text info box in the BIOS that explains this)

So basically at 3000mhz, XMP or DRAM Frequency Manual, the system is too loud for me.

Now I can go into the BIOS and leave it at 3000mhz and then set the CPU FAN PWM to DEFAULT and it will not make more noise. Than with 2750mhz

However, I notice that the CPU doesn’t turbo as high anymore.

Ryzen Master usually shows 3975 to 4025ghz all core Turbo on 2750mhz.

But when using 3000mhz it goes down to 3820 to 39250ghz all core Turbo.

So I guess my understanding is that the Wraith Prism may not be sufficient to run it less loud and turbo all the way up?

What is a good after Market cooler that will help get the rated RAM Speed and full stock Turbo. (I don’t want to overclock anything past stock or PBO).

I was thinking of getting the Fractal Design S36 AIO, you guys think this might be beneficial? Unfortunately almost all the high end Air coolers would not fit in my J25 RGB Thermaltake case. Also considering the Fractal S2 case with the AIO.