Low WEI Score?

Ok so I just build my system using the a8- 5600k APU and I got a 1.0 in the graphics categories of the WEI???

Any explanations?




P.S I am using the Radeon integrated graphics of the APU

Jokes on you, APU's are actually terrible, the whole forum had it out for you.


Rofl... how much RAM do you have installed and what speed is it? 1333? 1600? 1866?

And do you have the most current drivers from the AMD website or did you install the ones froom the CD that was included? http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonaiw_vista64.aspx

Forgot to install the drivers.... Problem solved... *facepalm

Nice! Good to know...

Btw... what'd the score jump to now?

What's your index score right now


Coming from an ultra-biased Intel fanboy?  I'm sorry sir, but your opinion has no power here.

I'm glad someone caught that so quickly.

You clearly haven't read my posts, I have told literally everyone to buy AMD. It is called sarcasm. I literally encourage you to find a post on this forum where I have ever recommended Intel.

Jokes on you, we were playing along

If sarcasm truly is the case, then I apologize.  Assumptions can be the best of me.

He has 64GB of DDR3 2800mHZ Corsair Dominator Platinum.