Low profile noctua cooler to run a 4670k at 4.3 ghz

I'm making a switch from my NZXT Switch 810 to the Silverstone GD-09 and i need to get a new cooler as the GD-09 will not fit my NZXT x61, and i know their are height limitations with my new case as well as it prevents liquid coolers, so What noctua cooler do you recommend for this case? it will need to allow clearance for 4 dimms of Corsair vengeance ram,

Noctua L9i. It's the lowest profile CPU that can handle a mild OC of 4.2ghz. At least from my experience i ran it for a year at 4.2 and it did fine.

I know you want a noctua cooler, but some of DeepCool's items are pretty smooth. I have an ICEBLADE cooler in my box and the two fans as a push-pull keep my CPU cold as well as air constantly moving in the box.

I don't know the spacing on your board but an NH-L12 from Noctua might be a good shot, since you want one from them :P

Good Luck!

scythe owns the low profile market tbh even beating noctua by a few degrees
this cooler can be rotated to accommodate for clearance if needed. it's the only low profile cooler i'd ever use.
the included fan is also nothing to laugh at they make fans that some pretty hardcore water coolers opt for over Noctua.
I don't think any other heatsinks of this profile exist with 5 hosepipes let alone with them connected at both ends like this.

i think i may have not been clear enough when i said low profile i mean less than 138mm tall not necessarily as small as possible*

Ah okay, this might be more appropriate (performance pc website stopped working for me idk why so i grabbed a link from the company website)
unfortunately at that clearance it's either downwards with a big fan or horizontal with a small... going down with a bigger fan will probably yield better results.