Low-Profile Keyboard Recommendations?

Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a smaller keyboard. I'm also after a keyboard which has low-profile keys (think the SteelSeries Apex). Not fussed about it being mechanical or membrane but would like illumination if possible (totally not necessary) and also 10-keyless (also not 100% necessary).

Pretty specific but any suggestions are welcome.

Cheers guys

The budget really matters in this case although as you mentioned the Steelseries Apex series is pretty good for what you want.

Get the Steelseries Apex if you want low profile illuminated membrane keyboard or the Steelseries Apex M800 if you are a mechanical guy.

Both Apex and Apex M800 are the same the only difference is membrane and mechanical.

Looking at about $150 AUD I reckon.

I was considering the Apex series. They look like solid keyboards, just the weird space bar is a strange addition haha.

cheers for the suggestion

The spacebar is quite comfortable to use and I say this as a user of Apex myself.
Even I bought it just because of its small overall footprint because my keyboard and mouse is on a sliding panel which goes under the desk.