Low power PFSense box suggestions

I am looking for a small discrete box to house a pfsense install, have found a few on amazon but the lack of reviews concerns me.

Anyone got anything similar to this they can recommend?

I have a dual NIC Celeron from Alibaba with 4GB of ram it is a sweet router/firewall. The power supply plug sucked. You may want to replace it.

Mine is only a dual core. Check out over at Ali Express and see if you get it cheaper.

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I'm using a Zotac CI323 quad core though the dual core CI321 should be sufficient if you run it bare metal.

Advantage of that box is it has VGA which can avoid some issues with Linux distributions bugging out when installing via HDMI & DP. Also having USB 2.0 for me means better support for keyboards when initially setting up.

Also has two SODIMM slots which can help with performance especially as I'm running Sophos (rather than pfSense) in a VM. I think they sacrificed the eMMc storage option for that but you still have the SSD SATA interface.

Lambdatek un the UK would be the best place to buy one at the mo.

I had a c1037 version of a system like that and I could fill my 500/500 line fine with it. also the 2 GB 32 GB version is more than enough for it.

I'm also looking for something similar after Wendal made mention of the PFSence brand hardware https://www.pfsense.org/hardware/ i've looked into them they look great but also have very little reviews that I can find