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Low Maintenance Groupware

Not sure, if I selected the right category, but I’ll raise it here anyways.

Right now, I am in need to retire an old server, running a BSD Variant that right now provides Email (Dovecot and Postfix), CalDAV and CardDAV, both for my private use as well as for a few projects I am involved with and a few family members.

Since both hardware and software are rather dated, some people really want a web interface and I am thinking about some nicer features, I am wondering what my alternatives could be. I am pretty certain on going Linux (this is the only Server I have running that’s not Linux).

I have an eye on Kopano, but also OpenXChange, but I am wondering if I might miss one that’s a little lighter on the administration effort.

For privacy and cost reasons ( I personally have 6 Email addresses on there for 6 domains where I want to keep my inboxes separated, I think in total its about 50 inboxes) I don’t want to use a service like GMAIL or Office365. I also don’t really want a per inbox licence because part of the appeal is just creating an inbox whenever I feel like I need one for something, maybe just toying around)

Any suggestions? Or any good reasons for or against my current two options?

I think maybe Nextcloud might have a mail plugin you could use?

As far as I know, it only has the interface and no Dovecot/Postfix or similar functionality. Or am I wrong on this?

I’m not sure those aren’t features I use but I remember seeing them when I was poking around in the plugins.

Maybe someone else could provide more commentary on it. :man_shrugging:

If you want to have email and calendar combo then I can recommend mailcow.


I just had a brief look and that’s certainly a simple solution that won’t cause a headache and can just run on my Kubernetes Cluster :smiley:

It has a mail client plugin or two, but not a mail server plugin last I checked.

You might run into issues, I think the devs only support docker-compose based installs.

That’s too bad, but for a no thrills solution it still looks quite interesting.
The only thing that’s worth it would be gmail-esque feature level with sent later and snoozing emails and the like.

I have use citadel before and thought it was pretty easy to maintain. Granted I wasn’t working with as many domains as you.

I’ve been using Nethserver (Google it; as a n00b I can’t post links) for a couple of years; it’s a fork of what’s now called Koozali SME Server, which I was using in its various incarnations for nearly 20 years previously. It’s a CentOS-based distro that handles mail, web, and many other common needs. It includes a mail server (IMAP and SMTP), has two complete groupware packages (SOGo and WebTop) available for point-and-click installation. It also has Nextcloud available, and you can install its mail client. Or with just a little tinkering at the shell, you can install Horde. You can only have one Cal/CardDAV solution active at once, but any number of webmail clients if you like.