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Low graphics performace on Ryzen 3 3200g iGPU

I built a PC with following spec
Ryzen 3 3200g
MSI B450 Mortar Max
Corsair 1x8 GB 3000MHz RAM running at 2666MHz (No gameplay just for regular office use and web surfing and coding ).
Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB
Monitor Benq GW2283

I installed Pop OS 18.04 with latest kernel 5.x.x. All system hardware detected easily including integrated gpu. But the gpu performance is not up to the mark. There is lagging while watching videos. There is no any kind of smoothness. Even while scrolling there is lag. I checked it on other monitor also but the problem is still there.

I tried ubuntu mate and manjaro also. But same issue. When I tried live solus there is no such kind of issue. Video play smoothly. And kernel version of solus is 4.20.16.

What is the cause of this issue. One more thing 2GB of RAM is assigned to igpu automatically.

1 the 3200g is already a weak GPU contender. You can get a RX 4xx or 5xx series on eBay for about $130…

2 your RAM should be 3200-3600Mhz on Ryzen it really makes a huge difference. Running your RAM at 2666Mhz is killing your performance worse than any thing else could.

3 you should use 2 ram sticks. 16 gb is recommended these days any ways. Even web browsing with a bunch of tabs open and doing office task will see a benefit from the extra RAM as browsers are using more and more of it.

My recommend is check the motherboards QVC list on the manufacturers support website. Find a compatible Gskill RAM kit at CL 16 or better, 3200 or 3600Mhz and use that. The Trident series have been doing really well with AMD Ryzen processors.

You can also try dedicating 4gb of RAM to the iGPU. I would say 4gb of vRAM is the current standard. But over all I recomend a cheap dGPU so you dont have to sacrifice system RAM for vRAM… And you will have a way more powerful GPU. At that point you could get a CPU with a lot more horse power for the same price. The Ryzen 5 1600 AF for the same price out preforms the 3400G by leaps and bounds… Just make sure its the AF SKU which is Ryzen 2 not the 1600 AE SKU which is Ryzen 1.

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This likely is due to the desktop environment and browser. Linux has been plagued with these kinds of issues for a while. Lets tackle one problem at a time though.

What distro are you currently using and what desktop environment?

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As I mentioned I’m not using this machine for any heavy workload. And this problem is just occur with Pop OS, Ubuntu Mate, Manjaro. But for solus it looks fine.

Yeah you are right ryzen need much more memory frequency. But for simple use 3000Mhz works fine. I just need to turn on XMP.

Do you think it’s weaker than intel UHD 630?

Thanks for your reply buddy.

Currently I’m using Ubuntu Mate. But when I use Solus Mate everything runs smooth. No any kind fo issues. But the thing is I really like the look of Ubuntu Mate Ambience Theme. That’s why I stuck with Ubuntu Mate or you could say ubuntu.

Thanks for reply buddy.

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I assume this is in firefox? or are you having problems outside of the browser too.

Yeah outside the browser too. Even watching the movies on VLC.

Did you attempt the old force pipeline composition trick? or are you familiar with the different mate compositors?

No. I really don’t know about this. Actually this is my first pc build. I’m using linux on all my laptops but I haven’t encountered such kind of issues.

I’m not super familiar with AMD graphics on linux but I believe there is a way to enable a tear free option. I think thats likely what you’re experiencing here is a little screen tearing.

I wish I could be more helpful but I’m an nvidiot.

Yeah exactly it’s like screen tearing. How could I enable it?
Which Nvdia card you are using and which linux? Are those good?
Nvidia cards are really good in tearms of power consumption and performance. But I read on forums that components are heated more becuase of it’s proprietary drivers.

I believe theres a config for it you can edit. I usually reference the archwiki. Its generally up to date.

I only run nvidia stuff. I typically use either mint or fedora, these days its mainly mint. I like nvidia stuff and its not so bad in linux since most distros have a fairly straightforward install process for the proprietary drivers. For mint its as simple as checking a box and rebooting.

I’m not so sure about the heating issue mentioned. I cant say I’ve noticed that.

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Thanks for this info buddy. I will check it.

I’m so much concerned about thermal. Because if components heated more then it’s longevity decreases.

I choose this processor becuase system76. I’m big fan of system76 although I don’t have any of system76 product. But I love their efforts towards open source.

I check their thelio system. And I found ryzen 3 3200g on their base model. That’s why I choose this processor. I think it is more than enough for office work.

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I dont think it matters too much these days. My PC puts out lots of heat as it should. I dont see it as a problem.

the 3200g is a nice little office cpu. I’ve built a couple for work computers here, but they’re all on windows. I havent had time to play with linux on one.

Yeah. Initially I thought Ryzen 5 3400g but it is 50$ more or you could say 5000 rs more in my region (India). So I thought about 3200g. Overall I’m happy with the system performance.

Hey there is one more thing I wanted to ask you. About fan speed and noise. Initially fan noise is really little. Almost no noise. But now I’m getting little bit of noise. I built this pc one week ago. Is this normal ?

Theres a ton of things that go into fan noise. If its a problem, consider a different cooler.

Hey thanks buddy. That graphic problem is solved. Thank you so much.

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No Vega definitely beats and intigrated Intel iGPU for now… But it still only has 8 Vega cores. And their not the new ones on the laptop iGPU… Glad you were able to solve your problem. I have had issues with Linux vodeo tearing on a Quadro or any GPI for that fact. For me it was the default render method and it didn’t matter what driver I was using. That should definitely be configured to not suck by default…

So vega is really good compare to intel igpu. Since intel igpu i3 is expensive than ryzen 3 3200g. So I pick ryzen 3. Everything works great. Just had that tearing issue but now that also solve.