Low GPU usage in BF4 with R9 270x?

Hey guys, been trying to track down this annoying issue for a while now. Around a month ago I started to get much worse FPS in BF4, and it's from low gpu usage determined in Afterburner. Video card averages around 50% use and peaks around 70%. This is with the latest drivers, using DX11, not Mantle. Mantle stutters horribly with 270x cards. 

My components: A10 5800k quad core at 4400mhz, 8gb DDR3 at 2133, game running off an 840 evo SSD, and the 270x with a slight overclock. 

Any advice?

i have r9 290x with a 4130 

I got 30 fps until i got a 8350 witch i got 80 fps

thoese cpu bottle neck vids are outdated 

so i reomend to upgrade your cpu

Check what your CPU usage is at. If it is hitting 100% and the GPU is pegged at 70% than your CPU is bottlenecking. 

Check to make sure the temperatures on your CPU and GPU are within limits as well. 

Thanks guys, that's what I've been fearing. Will likely switch to 990fx and 8350 if I can get some good black Friday deals. 

Also consider an i5 + Z97/H97 if it's similarly priced.

I've been thinking about it due to the upgradability of Z/H97 vs AM3+, I just don't really like Intel as a company. 

well you cannot like them, but the fact is, that an intel i5 scores allot better on the minimum frame rates in Bf4 multiplayer then any FX.

I use a FX8350 myself, and my FX cannot maxout my 7870GHz, which is basicly the same card as you have, in Skyrim, which is an cpu bound game.

It is the sad truth. Everyday I wonder why isn't stubborn AMD making a new platform. They're shooting themselves in the foot so hard. If they don't at least have something announced by black Friday then they're not getting my money.

they're probably are making something new... it's kind of hard to come out with something new when you're AMD and when INTEL is running around flexing its muscles and making hip thrust gestures in their direction

Wat. In Skyrim my R9 290 runs at 100% in Skyrim. Even if I turn down the OC.... It is only 6 FPS slower than my wife's PC with a 4.4Ghz 4690k....

To make the CPU less of a bottleneck in BF4, try lowering the settings for Mesh Quality (priority one), Terrain Quality (secondary for what I've seen) and Terrain Decoration (might be less important). Those together can make a huge difference on CPU load under DirectX. With all on Ultra even a i5-4690K at 4.5GHz is not quite enough on some maps. Under Mantle the same CPU at 3.5 is fine.

Under mantle I haven't tried myself with a R7-270X based card, but for what I've read it's probably necessary to run without VSync to get it smooth. I wouldn't want to do without VSync myself in general, but for some it's fine. To get rid of some stuttering with VSync on I've had to apply the setting "gametime.maxvariablefps" at the same number as the monitor Hz. Iinitially it was fine without this but a game patched screwed something up, and DICE seem to be done patching the graphics core.

my 7870 drops from 81 to 60 procent load wenn there is allot going on in the game.

it just cannot maxout in skyrim..

if i play Trine2 that games does get maxed out. same with need for speed and such.

So im definitely cpu bottlenecked. also if i check every reliable gaming benchmark source out there, they all show similar scenario´s from what i suffering.

i do have to say that i am still on 13.12 drivers, so i did not played arround with mantle yet. But i personaly dont expect it to be an huge diffrence with mantle.

No, I'm not saying I don't believe you I'm just surprised. 

I'm gonna do some benchmarking tomorrow and see what happens. 

realy looking forward to this.

I´m realy currious about your gpu load during skyrim. and your minimum fps and maximum fps.. Can you also test it with and without mantle maybe?

Maybe you could also check the gpu load on your wife´s system aswell, if she has a 290 aswell, then you can compair those loads.

I would realy appreciate that. ☺

For your cpu, i would try mantle. Make sure you dont have some kind of misconf. somewhere. At that cpu level, its must to tune the games graphic settings for the game. I ran mantle on my 7870s and it does make a difference. Not with everything but enough to be noticable. Mistery, with graphics cards( you need to live on the edge.) Cause thats what its all about. Get off them old drivers. :) I do think its a cpu bottleneck but double check everything.

I didn't get a chance to do it this weekend. I'm gonna try over the week or next weekend. 

I shall post CPU and GPU load, minimum, average, and maximum FPS as well. I'll try Mantle although I didn't even know Skyrim supported it. I haven't played it recently. 

I'll check on her's as well. We both of Asus R9 290s so it will be interesting. I'll test both rigs at stock and OCed. Mine at 5.0Ghz and her's at 4.4.

Also if I have time I'll try my Xeon 1230V3 and an old Athlon II X4 630 I have. Just for fun. 

I had a similar problem with an FX-6300 and an HD 7770 (Obviously on low settings) ... the problem is most defiantly not a FX-8350 (Although it may be for you since you have an APU) bottle necking the GPU ... After spending hours trying to fix the problem I found out that when VSYNC was enabled the card stuck around the 70% usage mark as it didn't need more power than that to push 60fps but with a game like battlefield you're constantly going from small indoor firefights to huge skyscrapers outside and that was causing my frames to dip for the few sec it took my GPU to move to 80% - 97% usage. So to solve this problem I turned off Vsync (This caused incredible tearing), Increased a few of the graphical settings to where my GPU was pushing anywhere from 55 - 70fps, than created a config file and locked the fps to 65. With the increased setting I do occasionally have a few small dips from 65 to 55 but I generally stay at 65fps with around 95% GPU usage 

MysteryAngel, i'm running this build currently: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/button_pusher_/saved/fdVFf7 

Skyrim running Realvision ENB + CoT and all mods in his forum post installation guide (depth of field and ambient occlusion off, fps limited to avoid tearing)

running catalyst 14.9, D3D, mantle and api 94209, catalyst control v2014.0915.1813.30937

i'll admit it stutters, but not due to the cpu or available ram, i have messed with ini files a tiny bit, but for the most part done using supported ini's supplied by skyrimtuner from his download page

runs at 45-60 fps in most areas of the game, some mods with heavy scripts or the 2k textures i'm running do eat a bit of gpu ram but don't seem to hurt performance even though i'm maxing out the card at 90-100% most of the time (i could use the performance version of the enb for better results)

i see it as this, the card is a bit weak, i need to upgrade if i am going to push the card this hard, she holds up well with temp, but likes to stutter during heavy workload

the cpu isn't even trying, most of the time never going above 60% usage under full gaming load

running HWiNFO64 4.44 for monitoring

sorry for double posting but here's some screenshots XD http://imgur.com/5Rd0w2V,xCxjpsV,WO2DzQe

i get arround 45fps aswell, but i get allot of dips during the game, and stutter. my gpu load bounces up and down from 80´s to 60´s all the time. so yeah thats a cpu bottleneck that i have. i did not try with mantle yet, but offcourse i will definitely gonne try that aswell. But i need to re-install the game first.

Still im going to upgrade to intel anyway, because i want a highend gpu lateron. But i will rebuild the amd aswell.