Low FPS with a new 800€ Laptop

Hi guys,
So I just recently bought the Medion erazor p6661 "gaming" laptop.

It's got an I5-6200U @ 2,3ghz, 8gb of ram and a gtx 950m with 4gb.

The Laptop came without an os installed. I'm not an expert but I got Windows 10 installed quite easily.

Now when playing games, for example League of legends, the fps will be barely above 80fps at low-medium setting and also drops a lot to below 50, without other programs running in the background.

I feel like this is way too low, since my old desktop pc (6 years old, 600€ back in the day: I7 3rd gen. don't know exactly, 8gb ram and a gt 640) is still able to run it at 150-200fps WITH other programs running.

Did I maybe mess up some setup stuff or are the components just that week?

Check power settings of the OS for "plugged in" and "battery power".

Also, why are you gaming on a laptop? lol. That money you could get so much more out of a desktop.

Check for optimus. most of the time it is set to run with the iGPU. Right click on the application and select "Run with Graphics processor" and select you dGPU

Just to be sure, check in the Nvidia control panel if you are actually using your Nvidia chip instead of the IntelHD GPU, Optimus sometimes fucks that up but I doubt it's that, your fps doesn't appear that low to me.
Seems more likely that's because League of Legends is almost exclusively CPU limited. It doesn't really use more than two threads at a time and when you can't take advantage of all the threads you have on offer it just comes down to clock speeds and the desktop i7 is clocked a lot higher than your laptop i5. Your hardware combination seems a bit odd to me anyway, the U in your CPUs name indicates it's an ULV model, great for ultrabooks and saving on power, bit questionable for gaming.