Low FPS on ArmA II OA

So, the deal is following:

  • CPU i7 4930k
  • GPU HD7970
  • Mobo Asus Rampage Formula IV

ArmA II runs with barely 20ish FPS, it has been installed on SSD drive and the launch parameters or configuring  manually the game's config-file seems to have no affect at all to anything.

To make it more interesting, ArmA II was running around 100ish FPS with my old setup.

I feel somewhat puzzled by this. Any ideas how to make difference is appreciated.


object detail in arma can affect fps quite a bit so turn it to normal and if you are playing on a large server try a different server. also try a different drive such as the amd 13.12 or something.  On most multiplayer servers I get 20-50 on a 3770k and 660ti so you are probably not going to get really high fps

The only thing I can think of is try disabling CPU core parking and see if that helps in any way. As for the game settings, Post processing is a real fps killer, along with high values of anti aliasing and ATOC it can make for an unpleasant experience. Also make sure that the 3D resolution is at 100% as anything higher will drop frame rates and Video Memory should also be set to default. Hopefully some of these will help improve things.

Arma doesn't like hyper-threading. Turn that off, and the framerate may or may not actually increase, but it will look a lot smoother.

Been there, done that, disabled hyper-threading from BIOS. That actually lowered FPS in ArmA and decreased the percentage of GPU usage from ~60% to around 20% usage in benchmarks.

I was thinking about some sort of power failure on PCI-E slot, yet everything else works like it should work.

But then again, ArmA's engine has always been a mystical creature by it's performance, so I will just have to adapt to the way it goes lol.