Low FPS and lag, after switching games

I am playing a game, any game…
Close it, try to run another, any game…
Performance is very low, almost half FPS than normal and very, very laggy.
This was happening with my old machine (i9 9900K / 32GB / 1080ti) but I upgraded recently to Ryzen9 3900X, 64GB (same VGA) and I had to reinstall Windows/Nvidia drivers.
But the problem persists.
After I play any game, no matter for how long, I may just open it, browse the menu and quit, I cannot play anything else. From steady 144fps I go to 50-60fps and very laggy.

Windows 10 2004
NVidia 442.59 (tried the latest driver, didn’t help)

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Tried re-installing windows? or have you upgraded to latest NVIDEA driver, and netframework?.
The problem seems more likely to be on a server side.

Perhaps the previous game isn’t unloaded from your RAM and because of this, the performance of the entire system decreases, I think it’s worth checking this item