Low end GPU for Linux

Need a GPU for my mothers PC it will only serve as a connection to the monitor so less than $50. I don't know the low-end market very well so any advice is appreciated.

I would buy a used AMD rx460.

New they go for around 80 bucks, but the nice thing is that they work very well with the AMD kernel driver.

So as long as you have a reasonably up to date kernel, the AMD card will be plug and play.

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R5 230 will do just that.

get an HD6350 or something. They're like, $10. You'll need a DMS-59 to DVI adapter, but that's like, $3.

honestly, if she's not gaming, I'd say pretty much anything will do. If you aren't squeamish about buying used, you can get radeon HD 5000/6000 series cards for like 5-20 bucks, and they have all the connectors you're likely to need.

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Get a Nvidia graphics card that supports the resolution, i.e., 1080p or 720p, that she is going to use with her monitor.

would a gt710 be fine off ebay

don't see why not if it supports the resolution and interface you need.

A video adapter is a video adapter.

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Why not just put in an AMD with an apu?

Unless the reason is the mobo video port is broken

I am building the PC from parts of my PC as I update so it will be a fx 8350 instead of an apu.

R5 230, get a passively cooled variant. Works just fine. Takes up two slots though. Basically the same as a HD5450 iirc.

I used to Game on a GT 520 Silent, only 48 cuda cores and it worked great with Linux. Almost any option in the 50 dollar range will be far better. MC has refurb GT 640's or GT 710's for 30 bucks after rebate (ASUS passive cooled)

Plus it is nice to have a spare GPU just for troubleshooting