Low Cpu usage in Goat Simulator

I have some extremely low cpu utilization in goat simulator compared to the ammount of physics going on in game, its about 36 percent or below, No spikes or anything, the game is still unplayable at the lowest settings, I have an fx-8350 and a gtx 770 so I dont think i should be having issues at all, there are no other posts about this anywhere on the internet as of yet, help? advice? and yes my cores are unparked.


Poor optimization, I would assume. Hopefully, someone here has the game and an Intel cpu for comparison.

I have an intel chip but haven't gotten the game cause the coupon code wont work for me >.< But i've seen it played on a phenom ll x6 1090t ot 1100t(I forget which) at 1080p and at high settings and it run at a nice frame rate, I wanna say like 50-ish with vsync off he said. 

Could be a driver issue then.

It is Physx as well so it should be off loading all of the grunt work to your 770. The CPU usage only really goes up when you are using an AMD card and it is forced to offload the Physx to the CPU. I don't know why you are having such problems.

Two of my friends have the game, one is pure AMD HD7850 and some Phenom x6 and the other is Intel/Nvidia GTX 560. Both run playable the AMD gets around 30 fps and the Nvidia gets over 60fps.

after about 4 minutes in game it becomes a stable 50 ish fps, also im just that guy who goes into houses and moves all the stuff, and also giant goat.

Core i5 and gtx 660 1080p max settings no motion blur runs smooth. FX 8350 GTX 580 and GTS 450 ( for second display / Physx ) 1440p no motion blur runs smooth.