Low Cost WorkStation

Hi everyone, 

I am about to sell my 2600K and MSI Z77 Mpower to get a LGA2011 CPU so I can run a raid card, I do mild video ending and I got a EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2GB card, got a second card i would love to add to the build, and a 8-port LSI raid card to add,

my gripe is I play games alot and i play at 5760x1080, and more importantly i only $650 left over after I bought all the modding tools, waterblocks, barbs and radiators for my case mod, which i will start soon enough, so please help me decide on components.

Components that can be moved to next build:

Corsair HX850
Corsair XMS 4x4GB 1600mhz
2 x EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2GB
2 x Intel 520 180GB SSD
2 X Western Digital Red 2 TB
Fractal Design Define XL 

XSPC Raystorm Waterblock
XSPC Razer GTX 680 New Style (will need another one eventually)
Barbs and other fittings God knows how many i got 

So...... help please :D 

Not too fussy about motherboard but not going to use Biostar or ECS.