Low budget steam in-home streaming host (or maybe not?)

I've been picking parts for my steam box host machine, here's what I got so far, please feel free to give me your 2 cents.

  • CPU: AMD FX-4300
  • Motherboard: ASRock 980DE3/U3S3
  • RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX FURY x2
  • Cooler: Cooler Master Blizzard T2
  • GFX: GTX 650 Ti
  • HDD: 1 TB Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU: eVGA 600B Bronze
  • Case: Antec VSK-3000E
  • Monitor: fit-Headless 4K

This adds up to 543 USD / 507 EUR which is slightly above my actual budget.

I plan on getting 3 1920x1200 displays for my steam box, and stream to one of them, the two others will be placed vertically on each side.

Edit: I don't care about graphics at all, and I don't do fast paced shooters and alike. I mainly play strategy and RP games, like EU4 and Pillars of Eternity.

What country are you from, and what stores will you buy from?

That will help us get your build closer to your budget.

Denmark, http://www.bj-trading.dk (there website is horrid)

I can buy from a mishmash of stores, and save a few bucks, but I'd like to keep it at one place for ease of use if something goes wrong, and that's the cheapest Danish place for most of the stuff anyhow.

http://www.proshop.dk is another prominent Scandinavian hardware store.

I don't know if it would be worthwhile economically to get it shipped.

Alternatively, I could forget the whole
idea about having a passively cooled dev machine, and just throw it in a
case with cooling and use it for both gaming and development.It's
kinda powerful enough to game on with the types of games that I play,
the problem is that it melts down when stressed. The tower/cooling was
freaking expensive though. It's a A10 5700 in a HD-Plex H1.S
case. My parents would probably enjoy getting a prober machine for
their casual FB gaming, instead of their overpriced Celeron crap they
keep complaining about, so maybe throw some intel junk with HD-Graphics
into it and give it to them. Hopefully the HD-Plex can handle a CPU with
less TDP than the current 65.Then later down the road I could upgrade the APU, or just throw in a dedicated GPU or something..With those thoughts in mind, I'd end up getting something like thisCase: Fractal Design Define R5
Cooling: Noctua NH-D15
PSU: Fractal Design Integra Mwhich totals about 290 USD / 268 EURPared with my current setup which isMotherboard: GA-F2A88XN-WIFI (mITX)
APU: A10 5700
SSD: Samsung EVO 120GB
HDD: External 2TB USB3.0 WD Elements
RAM: G.Skill sniper 2x4GB 1600 MHzThen in a couple of months I could upgrade to:CPU: Athlon II X4 740
GPU: GTX 650 TiorAPU: A10-7850K

Edit: format was lost in editing mistake. Sorry

bro i have this basically http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gMktBm with windows 8 and im able to steam 720p 60 no problem, id go A10 7850k for the proformance boost, also there is some cool asrock board that has HDMI passthrough and capture, its pretty cool

A HDMI pass through only works with video. I don't care about watching video from another source, I can do that just fine on my dev machine, or work station if you will (which is essential just a very small and powerful HTPC) What I was hoping to do was to have 3 1920x1200 displays connected to my dev machine for productivity and run my games on a more powerful noisy rig that's only fired up when I need the extra horse power, e.g when playing resource demanding games. I guess I could go with a HDMI pass through and get/write a app to send and receive my mouse and keyboard signals over the network, but why do that when steam have it all packed up in a nice bundle already?

There are several reasons why I build my dev machine the way I have

  1. 100% silent, very nice when work needs to be done, or watching the tek, etc.
  2. Using my GeChic display, I can have it all in a laptop case.
  3. It uses a very low amount of power.