Low Budget PC for my Dad

Good day fellow tech people,

I am currently working on a build for my Dad because his old laptop is a lost cause and he needs something that works.

Money: Since we're situated in Germany the budget is in Euro and around €350, which is about $470. 

Usage: He doesn't play games. So it's pretty much just basic things like browsing, music, organizing photos, occasional watching movies (might be nice to connect the TV, but not as a media PC), burn cd's/dvd's and office applications.

Peripherals: Mouse and keyboard shouldn't be a problem. He wants to use my old Xerox 19" TFT (DVI, 4:3 ratio). There might be an issue with the DVI connector but more on that later.

I have already made a build, which I think is pretty much okay and future proof (around 4 years at least)

Build, -- I have looked up the prices at Amazon.de and Alternate.de and read reviews/comparisons of almost all parts. As OS I would like to get win7 because it is cheap and will most likely be sufficient.

This build is strongly influenced by the Tek Syndicate vids (as you may notice) because I haven't had a look into the hardware scene for a long time. So, all I need is your opinion on the hardware. Maybe the CPU has too much power or maybe you guys think the RAM is bad. Whatever it is, please tell me. The only thing is, I want to build it myself :)

Alright, thanks in advance and I am happy to answer all questions.




Imo he doesnt need a CPU cooler.

Get the hard drive out of his old laptop and use it for storage? 

The build looks good, i would personaly advice to pickup some faster ram because the APU gonne use that ramm speed, so  1866mhz ram would be a better choice, for the rest it looks good.

Alright thank you very much.

@Tesekr: I bought a smaller CPU cooler, just because I would like to have one installed and I found another HDD from an old external. The one in the laptop is too small... 

@MisteryAngel: I chose the slower RAM because it was cheaper, but I found some 1866MHz for just a few bucks more. Thanks again!



Thats what id aim for, personally i dont think a dual core is going to last that long so the price is a little higher, but i believe a quad core will last alot longer and perform better overall.