Lovely Vinyl

Well, this finally came today and is sounds really quite good. Does anyone else still opt for vinyl instead of digital media or CDs?

EDIT: Come on, let's turn this into a thread filled with metal vinyls.

I miss vinyl, I miss the whole ritual of it. I'm old enough to have had to re-buy my record collection many times with each change in format. With vinyl the very physical nature of it changed the way you listened to music. Having two sides, a good album would have a running order that took that into account. Having a very strong track as the first song on the second side. The last track on the first side that would want you to stand up, walk over to the turntable and turn the record over. Still today there are songs I know what comes next and others where I can tell you where on the album they come. You had to listen to the whole thing, there is no skipping tracks, well not unless you are willing to manually drop the needle at the right spot. The turntable is a sensitive and fragile thing you take great care. There is a reverence for the equipment and the records and may be some of that rubs off on the music too. My record collection was real important to me, you could tell a lot about a person by looking through their record collection.

 My pride and joy:


 Most of my collection is shelved in the basement but here's what I have upstairs. Primary concern for adding to my collection: Agalloch's The Mantle


This died way too soon.

My Favorite Vinyl Signed from Her Kickstarter 

I also have Volume 2's

Make up and Vanity set Presents: The ProtoMen 8 bit

Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy

Ume: Phantoms