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Louqe Ghost SFF mITX Case

Anyone else excited about this case?

Seems like a good alternative to the Ncase M1 with the separate chambers and expansion cabalities of the “tophat” configurations. I had heard they had a failed Kickstarter but that it was probably due to poor marketing and EU-only distribution (haven’t looked into it too far so not sure if that’s right).

I think this thing looks pretty cool and am looking into whether they can provide a basic CAD model for layout experimentation.

The more I look at all these tiny SFF cases the more I want one…


Looks awesome to me, appeals to my minimalism niche!

Simple, clean, compact… I think this is a very capable design… I would really like to get a good solid layout/diagram for it to run some airflow/thermal simulations as that could be the failure point for a compact chassis such as this.

Small chassis are definitely hit or miss with airflow I’m also curious.

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Looks like they’re thinking about offering a model, anyone on IG and want to add to that desire, please do so!

Edit: whoops, looks like the forum strips the IG link? Anyway they’re easy to find and this is their current post: @louqe_sweden

looks like a cool concept, but i have a aio for my cpu and an aio for my gpu and it looks like there is only room for 1 radiator in this.

They posted a photo recently on their Instagram with a (I think) 240mm radiator in the bottom. Add the medium Top Hat config and I think you can run two 240’s or a full loop. Really curious what’ll be possible with this, especially with the DIMM.2 stuff that Asus is making now with two m.2 slots on a riser.

Edit: I was wrong, it’s in the top expansion section. It just looks like the bottom since it’s upside-down:

idk, there is definately some type of Top Hat on the bottom with that 240mm installed. It might be possible to have a Top Hat on the bottom AND the top, which then, yeah, 2 AIOs would definitely seem possible.

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Note that the TopHat has been installed in the bottom this time!

Yes, it is up to you if you use them in the bottom or the top, some ambitious builders are planning to use two M-TopHats (one in top and one in bottom) and separate rad from fans and make it under 10 Liters.


I bet you can totally install two top hats. That makes this VERY interesting indeed. CPU rad on the bottom, GPU rad on the top?

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Looks like a sweet little case but . . .

“Milled from solid blocks of aluminum, this case offers a level of quality rarely seen in any computer case out there.”


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IIRC they’re aiming at under 200€.

It looks a lot more like a machined extrusion, nothing else would make sense.

We’ll find out in less than a week of course.

Edit: supposedly will be publishing a review Wednesday or Thursday.

I’ll give you a better one…

If you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it.

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And a shot of how it’s done! Not a solid block, this is an easy-shipping sheet metal case (that’s not a bad thing if it’s been engineered well).


Preview went live today on Sweclockers:

Looks similar to the DAN A4SFX that I had, love these tiny cases. Case manufacturers need to up their SFF game.

Wholly agreed there! In mass production this wouldn’t be terribly expensive, probably less than $150 US. Sweclockers lists it as 1990 SEK though which is going to be a hefty price tag if that carries over to the US market ($240).

Kickstarter starts tomorrow at 2pm my time so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

yeah, idk, i think NZXT’s h200i looks promising. I don’t think its out yet, but if the build quality is like its’ big brothers, and it can fits a 240mm and 120mm radiator, which it looks like it does. It looks pretty tempting for SFF.

The H200i looks nice enough but it’s not very SFF in my mind. Add on to that the garbage CAM datamining… I mean machine learning device, and I’m out completely, or at least until they offer it “dumb” as I wouldn’t buy it on sale with that thing in there, just on principle.

Otherwise the price isn’t bad. It’d be a great $100 case.

The Kickstarter campaign is going well for them already:

Over halfway to the goal in eight hours.

But ugh… now is just not a good time to drop $260 shipped on a case I don’t need… :disappointed_relieved:

Does it encourage you to make your own case?.. your own design?