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Louqe Ghost S1 ITX Build: My Super Compact Ryzen 7 Water cooled Developer Workstation


I built this system a few months back, but I was waiting on a crowd funded case to arrive. I got a cheap NZXT from Microcenter as a temporary solution.

Full Blog Post with Details and Photos

Here are the quick specs (details in the above blog post) and some photos.

  • 2x Samsung 970 Pro (Linix md/RAID 0)
  • 2x16GB (32GB) DDR4 3200
  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Asus ROG Strix X470-I
  • Radeon RX550
  • Fractal Design S24 AIO Cooler


Was about to ask if that radiator is freely just laying there, but then I checked your blog showing picture of it being screwed there

It would be great if you could get that radiator off with just fingers, so its easy to peek inside if something goes wrong


Very nice, love that case.


I mean, the nice thing about the Ghost case is I can pretty much get to everything from the sides. I doubt I’ll ever really need to take the radiator off, unless I’m actually fixing/replacing the radiator itself. I’m getting new screws in soon so I can bolt the top-hat down too, but yea, the radiator is screwed into the grill from underneath.


Thanks. I’m glad I backed it, even though it took forever to be produced. Hopefully the crow funding helps this company get going to they can produce more stuff (or if it doesn’t, I hope it inspires new designs from the other manufactures).