Loud western digital cavier blue

my western digital caviar blue is making a loud humming noise with some faint clicking noises. i just spent 15 hours defragmenting the drive and it hasn't helped.

Sounds like a soon to be dead drive. Rma the drive unless you want to have a dead drive in your hands for some weird reason. 

what do u mean by rma?


i think i defragmented the wrong drive i am now doing the c drive

Rma means return merchandize agreement. Its when you have a deffective part and you have usually 30 days to return it due to it being faulty. In your case, with the clicking sound from your hdd, its when the reading/writing head hits the spinning platers that store all your data. OR it may be the drive attemping to constantly go to sleep to save power, then makes a clicking sound when starting up again(seen the second problem before, but only once). Also, if you scan the drive, do you find any bad sectors, or still hear the clicking noise coming from thr drive (and not one of the fans)?

Usually when you hear a hard drive clicking, it means it's about to fail. I would back up all your files and get a new drive.

this is what im dealing with here https://soundcloud.com/luke-tyson/crap-hard-drive/s-YgDuc