Loud Noise

i have a loud rattling noise but I don't know were is coming from I have disconnected all my fans except the cpu fan and it still does it i think is the PSU but i need to make sure before i buy a new one 

here is my set up

CPU: AMD FX-4100

CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 

GPU: Zotac GTX 650

Motherboard: MSI 760gm-p23

PSU: Pixxo 550w PSU(this is why i think is the psu is not even 80+ and i tried to find more info  on it but cant find it)

fans: Pixxo 120mm Fan 


I had the same problem with my last PSU. But i let it rattle untill it eventually died lol. Thankfully nothing was damaged, but i'd reccomend you get a new psu and not risk it.

thanks for the advice

You can test if it is the psu by simply disconnecting it from the rest of your pc and jumpstarting it. 

You will have to take a paperclip or something similar and connect the green wire in your 24 pin connector with a black one. Your psu will start without being connected to the mb.  

probably your Cheapo GPU, never get zotac