Lots of ram and pagefile.sys

I was having a look in WinDirStat (GNU GPL) a graphical disk usage analyzer for Microsoft Windows.

I noticed that my pagefile.sys + hiberfil.sys take up a collosal 17.5% (12Gb + 9Gb) of my 120Gb SSD as I have 12Gb of RAM. 

I realise the default pagefile space is = n RAM. But my question is matching the system memory and the virtual memory really neccessary, especally for modern high end systems with 10+ Gb of RAM?

My hardware:
Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD7
CPU: Intel i7 920 (d0) @ 4.0ghz
GPU: Asus HD6950 2gb (With HD6970 firmware on it)
Ram: 6x2GB tri channel Kingston DDR3 1600MHz HyperX
SSD: OCZ 120GB PCI-e Revo Drive

turn off pagefiling ASAP. it is pointless if you have 8gb or above RAM imo. however, it depends on what you do on your machine. if you do super heavy video editing , then keep it on but if you're just for instance gaming then turn it off.


hope this helps,


I have 32gb of ram and I still need to have a little pagefile (1gb or so) somewhere on one of my drives.

The reason for this is there is still a lot of badly written applications out there that wont run properly without one.

I dont mess with the pagefile settings and just let Windows do it's thing.  I have 12GB of RAM with a 256GB SSD so I just suck it up and sacrifice 12GB of SSD space.  

I'm with flazza. Do not turn it off, but you definitely dont need as much as ur RAM. I've set it to 2GB, only because my 8GB RAM gets too small once I start workin with Premiere and Photoshop at the same time.