(lost manga) need help remembering the name of a series

need help remembering a manga. i know i started reading it back in middle or highschool, but dont remember finishing it. what i can recall of it was: it had a female protagonist, she was connected to the moon in some capacity ither a descendent or a princess (i know its not sailor moon) and she would slay, i want to say ither demons or vampires, with a Samaria i could be totally wrong though. i distinctly remember used the phrase “prepare to face the moons divine retribution”, or something like that. she also gets run through with a sword at some point, i think its early on in the series.


I take it wasn’t the one he posted

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@Skelterz @Zealon do you guy know?

no it wasnt… TBH, i dont use AP alot these days, so i forgot i asked it there. BUT, i did find a manga that i think is it. im checking it out first to be sure

oh ya, this is totally the series im looking for. Sakura-hime Kaden (Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura) | Manga - MyAnimeList.net