Lost/inaccessable accounts

in the aftermath of today's hack, some cookies are corrupted/not fuctional, preventing you from logging into your account.
clear cookies pertaining to tek syndicate, and try again.
if that does not work, shoot me or @wendell a PM, and we'll look into it.

per @Logan, no sensitive information was compromised, but resetting passwords is never a bad idea.

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I can log into my account fine, but my username was reset to my old one. If I could get Ethereal as my username again that would be nice. :)

uhh... it's kinda borked atm, @wendell or @logan might be able to help you


Thank you.

Relatedly, TIL that Firefox needlessly obscures cookies in it's options.

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I just realized that my handle has changed to my login name. I can't find where to change it back.

I know it's way to soon to ask, but any clues as to who, what, or why the hack happened?

exploit. that's all I can really say at this point. wendell and qain are taking measures to prevent it from happening again.


I also need the underscore removed from my username again. Not a big deal. No rush.

Welp, an extra 1 at the end of my name too.

I feel very angry about this. Why would someone hack a website like teksyndicate? Why the hell would they? I mean somebody tries to change something and everybody looses their minds. This is a request to all the users at teksyndicate if you can help in anyway to find out who did the hack it would be appreciated a lot! Don't hesitate that I don't have time and stuff like that. Just do it!

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I think in a way it's kind of a honor. An honor no one really wants, but an honor all the same.

It just means that Tek Syndicate has gotten large enough to attract the eye of nefarious individuals that are jealous of the success. Plus they see a thriving community and are envious of that as well. It's stupid and petty...but then so is the Internet.

Like the NSA? lol


I liked this....I'm still laughing


thanks for fixing my account @wendell

I also have a 1 at the end of my username. And my background color changed. It used to be green.

i fixed that.
flush your cookies when you get kicked off.

@wendell will have to try and help you then

i think @wendell is working on it. all I did was delete the prior doppeganger account