Lost in the world of SKU's and Brands

i am looking for a new pair of cans, current setup are the steelseries siberia (V2 i think)

my problem is when i hook them up to my amp and play my bass guitar the sound is very garbled and not pleasurable . i have tried many different settings, lower volume tone ect with no change.

this is my dream pair:
good for bass guitar playback
microphone not needed but will also be used for gaming
Open style (dat sound floor)
i would also like to keep the price under $300 USD but am not opposed to a little bit higher if its really worth it.

-Thanks all-

Have you tried using a different amp with the headphones? Might be an issue with your amp's headphone output, and not the cans themselves.

Kuchuk, thanks for your reply.

i have not used a different amp on the headphones but i have used a different pair of headphones on the same amp, the results are significantly different, the cheaper pair did not act the same way, although the garbled low end bass was clean it was still a cheap pair of headphones.

the amp in question is a BEHRINGER BXL900A, to my very limited knowledge its a quality amp.

but perhaps i will try another amp at guitar center or something.

none the less still looking for wireless headphones