Lost Galaxy S4

So I lost my galaxy S4 and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to track and put a password on it. The android tracking that I didn't know existed until; today was disabled and the samsung account isn't connected either. It does have a data connection so anything online will work.

see if your carrier has some tacking app.

It's Verizon. They charge extra for it and I think you have to manually install it on the phone.

You're F**ked .

I had mt S3 mini (stolen) , the guy immediately removed the battery , and wiped it afterwards .

If you think it is lost , out of your house , calling / leaving a message with a return address ( and maybe a reward ) is always helpful .

If you did no preventive measures , EG :  prey , adroid tracking , samsung accounts , etc , you can't do them now .

I know *some* american carriers track phones by the cell towers , but if I recall correctly , they only do so for businesses that have important info .

I doubt the people who stole it are smart enough to wipe it. If i call it it rings then goes to voice mail so it is on.

Google lets you track your phone from anywhere.

Go to play.google.com and click on the gear icon for your settings. then go to "Android device manager".

Google will show you where your phone is if your account is still in use on the phone.

If you meant that your google account was de-activated on it, the ONLY option you have is to contact verizon. If they cant help, then theres nothing you can do.

That piece is apparently disabled by default. The google location history has an option to enable remotely I turned that on hopefully the phone is still on and that works.

Did you leave 3G / GPS on ?

I believe so.

I would call Verizon and see if they can track it. If someone that knew what they were doing stole it then your not getting it back.

Your phone will have a GPS tracker that can be disabled ... but it also has a own unique Mac address number that can be identified and tracked ... your carrier should be able to assist either you or the police ... especially if they screw up and use the wifi mode while at their home instead of the 4G.