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Losing my mind with Java Eclipse on Linux

The community edition is even free & OSS: GitHub - JetBrains/intellij-community: IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ Platform

The community edition does lack a lot of integrations. But for the most part it’s fine. Just because it does not ship wih a ‘create a spring app dialog’ does not mean you can’t just put spring in your maven file and it works. It might not know how to publish to wildfly, but you can configure maven to do that and then you can use that in your IDE no problem. etc. etc.

You still get an excellent Java IDE with great support for maven and alike. The big bulk of the lack of integrations you can make up for pretty easiely. Arguably (for open source) the ways you are forced to do it are preferable, because a lot of those integrations ultimate has will not work for other people using anything other than intellij.

Well the spring create dialog is just a shortcut for spring initializr, so it’s mostly fine and as long as you use a proper build system I think you’ll be fine for use with OSS as most of the task are still handled by the build system under the hood. It’s nice to have the Ultimate for professional use though, makes some stuff quicker, I mean they gotta earn money too.

Yeah, I went threw that after school. We did a lot of Java developement back then and back then I got ultimate for free. After that I had to learn how to create apps without fancy tooling. But as I said I don´t think it was that bad. Just most things I did in my time in school stopped working at first. Creating applications takes a bit longer. But after that it´s very compareable for every day developement on more long term projects.

Is there any downside to just instructing to build using ant? I haven’t ever used maven, but I didn’t know if a potential recruiter would roll their eyes at ant.

I avoid those wizards anyway, they obfuscate what’s going on under the hood which is a bad thing imho.

Well in idea’s case it’s just using the initializr API under the hood, so it saves you downloading the zip and unpacking it. Same goes for Angular.

If any of you are interested I can post the github for this project. I’ve called it done. There are maybe two things I might clean up later but I think it is good enough for job search. I’m rewriting the README for the C# project I originally wrote that it is based off of if anyone ever wants to look at that.