Loot Chest PC

I have had this idea floating around for a while to build a PC inside my Borderlands 2 special edition loot chest. I have done measurements and test fits of different parts and somewhat mapped out the build, but I have recently had some inspiration to add a new element to the build. A couple of months ago the crew at tek syndicate posted a video featuring Wendells iPad panel franken-monitor. I have decided I want to mount one of these inside the lid of my loot chest PC but I am having trouble finding the dimensions of the panel itself.

This is where you come in, anyone that has one of these panels or a reference with the measurements of the panel alone please post up it would be alot of help in making this project happen. 

can you post a pic of the loot chest?


Just search Borderlands 2 special edition loot chest mine is still stock, no mods have been made, but the inside of the lid where I'm wanting to mount the display is 6.7" (it fits an ITX board perfectly).

I have a friend with the loot chest edition and just by looking at it, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to do an ITX build in it or maybe by chance a MicroATX, the only problem I see is mounting the rear I/O & PCIe slot I/Os, unless you're willing to cut into the side of the loot chest.

Looks like it might need to be desecrated a little to get a system built into it and I personally would not want to do that hehe

Can't really help at all but:

dog in a box

Yeah I have done some measuring and I would have to cut the box to make it work with an ITX board (part of the reason I havent started it yet) and its way too small for a Micro ATX build .