Loose Heatsink

This is my motherboard and im having a problem




Is it bad that the heatsink left of the CPU slot is a little loose? It will wiggle if i put slight pressure on it. Please help!

I dont call my self a professional, but I would expect the CPU Heat Sync would wiggle a little bit after it is installed. A lot might be a concern though.

Heres a video I found with indepth instructions on how to install a Haswell CPU and Heat Sync

Hope that helps, to check its cooling your system effectively you could look through the BIOS for the temperature of your CPU and how fast the CPU FAN is spinning. If you post that information here im sure someone with a little more expertise will be able to tell you if it is installed correctly.

I haven't installed it yet. i was just looking at it and i noticed that it was loose and than for your help. 

Oh its not the CPUs heatsink it is the heatsink next to the CPU it is the thing that looks like a dragon on my motherboard. the link is my motherboard

Oh, I see. My CPU Heat Sync seems a bit wiggly and loose to, im sure as you twist the pins into place it will loose its wiggle.

I used a water cooling solution.

Some of the heatsyncs on my motherboard seem a little loose, im sure this is normal. You could call (assuming you didnt order it) the company you purchased it from, im sure they would be able to tell you if thats normal and/or if it isnt offer you a solution. Better safe then sorry

i fixed i noticed just the screws were a little loose and i tighted them up(not to tight so i dont break the motherboard) so it is all fine now! thanx for the help though

No problem Foraii