Looks like it's decision time for me

Well, I'm going up to philly this weekend to get my parts, and it's finally time for me to make some final decisions, so I need everyone's help with this.

My budget is going to be rather limited. I'm wondering what is going to give me the best performance for the best price.

Found a shop where I can get 50 bucks off a motheboard/cpu combo, now it's time to crack down and figure out these things-

Do I spring the extra money for the 8350, or go with my original plan of the 6300?

Do i go with the 970 chipset or the 990?

From what I understand, the 990 chipset basically just allows faster PCIe2.0 speeds. This isn't a huge deal for me, as I'm not planning on running dual gpus.

I was considering the FX-8350 and the ASRock 970 Extreme4. Does that sound good? I'd probably get better speed from an 8350 and a 970 chipset than I would get from a 6300 with a 990 chipset, right?


There are the bundles. If any of you can help my decide what would be a good bundle for me to buy, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just the 8350 and the 6300 bundles, please.

And don't just say "oh well get the sabertooth and the 8350." I'm on a cheaper price point than that. Can anyone help me with deciding here?

Max price, about 250.

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE Go with the 990 chipset with the 8350. 

Yeh, the 990 chipset and the 8350..No doubt about that here.



I would say a 8320 with a 990 save a few bucks and over clock

you just gave ya self the ansewr....

If you not gonne run an multiple Gpu setup, and you  sure you gonna run with a single Radeon card.. why  should you buy an more expensive 990 chipset?  its totaly useless for you then...

higher pcie-2.0 speeds is so far as know bull shit, only diffrence is between those chipsets is, that the 990 supperts both sli and crosfire multiple setups, but its an fueture you not gonna use, so if you gonne buy an 70 doller more 990fx bord you spen extra money for a fueture you never gonne use. so i would say  go for an 970 chipset :) its good for ya needs! the money you save  you can buy an FX8350 cpu or just a better  video card like an 7870 oc or an 7950 :)



Thanks for everyone's input. It's helping my decide. 

Problem? Well I wanted a mobo with a USB 3.0 header. The 970 Extreme 4 has this. Like I said. I never really plan to run dual GPUS.  If that is the only different between 970 and 990 chipsets, there is NO reason to go with a 990 board, honestly. 

Because of the steep discount, I was going with the 8350, but the 990 mobo with a usb3.0 header? Cost is a little top steep for me. 

Heres what I'm asking- what would be faster: a 6300 on a 990 chipset or a 8350 on a 970 chipset?

well as i said in your situation ofc the 970 chipset with an better 8350 cpu. :)

cause you dont need the chipset.

i have an Asus M5A97 evo r2.0 board. it hass all the same fuetures as the 70 dollar more M5A99FX pro.

it has 2 usb 3.0 ports at the back and  an usb 3.0 front header for 2  front usb ports. further it hass 6 sata 6  connections 8 usb 2.0 ports and 3 usb 2.0 headers

so yeah if i was you.. 970 chipset with an  fx8350 ;)  but you have to decide ya self the  make of it ;)

p.s Sorry for my bad English i´m Dutch. i hope you understand what i wrote :)

asrock extreme4 with the 8320 its the same thing, change a multiplier setting and bam its essentially a 8350

once you grab the CPU/mobo let us know the buget for the remaining system

just message me on steam

thats also a good option ofcourse, the 8320 is about 20 dollar cheaper :)


I honestly think I'll just be grabbing the 8350 and the 970 Extreme4. It's only a 10 dollar difference, and the thing is, I was planning on overclocking EVENTUALLY, but not right away. I'd rather grab the 8350 now for 10 bucks more, just to have the extra .5 ghz there for me.

I think that's the best decision for my price range here. the 990 chipset isn't worth it to me, considering I don't really plan on even running dual gpus for, at least a few years. If that's the case, I can just overhaul everything then. And it's going to fit right in to my budget. I think it will offer me much better performance than a 6300 with the 990 chipset. Anyone agree?

And everything else is in my build except my new ram.

is changing the multiplier going to require a new cooler? If it really is the exact same thing, maybe i would go with the 8320.

although, i want to push it to 5ghz. so should i go with the 8350?

well i dont know much about overclocking, but i have an FX8350 and i use the stock cooler, in bios i set everything automatic, turbo core automatic to, my motherboard the asus overclocks my cpu automaticly to 4.2 ghz, ofc i can clock it higher my self but i m not know much about it. my system at 4.2 ghz with stock cooler runes good  about 28/31 degrees idle, but under full load it gets warm soon about 45 de grees. if you gonne clock higher speeds, you need an better cooler!!!!

 ofc a 8350 or 8320 will do better perfoming then an 6300, deffanetly in the future


the newer AMD coolers are mediocre at best, almost like the intel coolers with just a small copper core and aluminum fins

the old Phenom and Phenom II coolers were excellent with copper heatpipes

So just changing the multiplier would mean getting a new cooling unit? If that's the case, I'll just spend the extra 10 bucks and get the 8350 to save myself the trouble.

It's AMD's best processor right not (besides their server stuff, i guess) so it's going to offer me several years of use. I'm happy with that choice.

Yes my stock cooler has copper heat pipes to it runs very silent in idle, but you gone run heavy gaming or i gonne stress all my 8 cores with  prime95 then  the cooler  gonne spin at higher speed en and getting a bit noisie, but it cooles realy not bad, for stock speeds but with heavy overclocking i preffer you better get an better cooler.

wenn i stress all my cores at stock speeds it s gonne run about 45  to 50 degrees and thats not bad for a stock cooler. but with oc  upto 5 GHZ i say  go for a big air or an lc cooler

please buy the 8350 for 10 bucks :) runs  with turbo core on 4.2 ghz. with stock cooler works good :)  the 8320 you need to set up manual multiplier to get to 4.2 ghz, so its a bigger overclock, so the cpu will get much hotter with stock cooler,  maybe you can eaven try to clock the 8350 with stock cooler to 5 ghz,  but i think you realy do need a better cooler then :)

I'm not even going to try overclocking at all until i get a decent cooler for it. Honestly, at the stock speeds, it'll be plenty for me right now.

thats good haha

i know making decissions is allways very hard to make.

I was in the same possion last week,  (and ima girl) so cost me much sleepless nights :p

Just placed an order for my 8350 and 970 Extreme4. Feels like I made the right choice. Happy with this.

Thats nice to read.

Offcourse you made  the right choise!

as i all said the only diffrence between 970 and 990 fx chipsets is the crosfire and sli support. But thats useless money.

You now spend that useless money on something thats more worth it an FX8350 the best AMD cpu to get. So i am realy happy that  i could convince you :p