Looks decent? #2

My second go at completing my rig.

AMD fx-6100 3,3G

DDR 4GB (X2) 1333C9 Kingston BK

Asus M5A97R2.0 ATX


1TB Seagate Sata3


PSU 550W Chieftec CTG-550-80P

Will this rig play newer games on ~medium grphics? Should I change anything? :0

Yes, you should change a few things. The 650 OC is a crappy card for the money. For that price point, get a 7770 instead; it will destroy the 650. Also, I don't trust that PSU; I have never heard of Chieftec before. Get a Corsar CX Builder series 550W, or, if you can spring the money, something modular from Corsair, SeaSonic, or XFX.


Also, the RAM is DDR3, not DDR ;)

You need lasers, lots of lasers [email protected]!

You can never have enough lasers!

Not adding enough lasers is a rookie mistake. That is the one thing /r/buildapc will never understand.

What are lasers?

Lasers, ofcourse! How didn't I think of that?