Look'n for new music

I've been listening to allot of stuff like The Decemberists, Radical Face, Fleet Foxes, and Iron and Wine, and I wanted to know if and of you guys knew and other good bands and artists that sort of have a slimmer sound?





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Check out Pinback. It's not exactly the same as Decemberists and Fleet Foxes, but I LOVE the Decemberists and like Fleet Foxes, so maybe you would enjoy Pinback as well. They are a rotating band that focuses on vocal harmonies. I often have no clue what the lyrics are about, but they know what they are doing when it comes to excellent tracks. My favorite album of their's is Information Retrieved (their most recent), but I got started on them with Autumn of the Seraphs. Blue Screen Life is another excellent album. I especially like the song Penelope which seems to be about a goldfish.

This band is amazing and while I still would probably choose the Decemberists in a desert island scenario, Pinback gives them a run for their money.

Crap. Sorry for the necro