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Looking to Upgrade GPU for a dinosaur


Hello all, hope you guys had a happy holidays. I here to ask about a video card upgrade. I do not game very often. But When I do it is mostly FPS game. Battlefield, the occasional steam un-optimized “early release” or released too early. My rig is aging. I built it in 2010. Original Specs:

AMD Phenom 1090T x6
MSI 890fxa-gd70
128gb SSD
ATI 5870 2GB

I have since upgraded to where I stand now
FX 8350
AMD R9 280X (HD7870)
512 SSD and regular 1tb storage drive.
750w PSU

Recently Games are starting to get choppy and so I am looking into an upgrade.
I dont really have the money for an entire set up right now so I’m looking for something to hold me over for a while. Been looking at Ebay for some used cards and I’ve whittled it down to 2.
RX 580
RX 480

A GTX 1060 is just a little out of the price range I’m willing to spend for this dinosaur.

$150ish puts me at those 2 graphics cards. Cheaper the better but don’t really want to be totally screwed.

THe problem is that these cards are Bitmine rig cards. So trying to find one is a little tough but as long as they aint selling multiple cards its a decent assumption. I guess what it boils down to is the price for the 480 is so appealing. Is the 580 really worth the extra 40-50$ though?
Looking for like Medium settings for 1080p.

TL;DR Old 8350FX desktop looking to get used RX580/480. Is there that much of a difference or should the RX480 be fine given its like 20% cheaper. (Ebay used)


IIRC the difference between 480 and 580 is the better part of 10FPS at best.

The more important spec to look for is VRAM. You want an 8GB card, no matter if 480 or 580.

I am currently suffering the 4GB problem with my R9 Fury…


Just get the RX480 if its significantlly cheaper.
Or an RX470 / RX570 even.
I mean with an FX8350 it wont really matter much at 1080p.


Yeah, RX570 is dirt cheap sometimes. There was one Sapphire RX570 ITX 4GB on a German e-tailer site for 95,- Euro plus shipping a few weeks ago.


About a year ago or so I put a 1060 in my dau’s A10-7870 build before the mining craze

When I replace the CPU and MB she is gonna be happy