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Looking to upgrade from Nikon D40

So my D40 served me fine on our trip to NZ but figured it was time to put it to bed and get something that can do video too. Mainly so I dont have to rely on the crappy gopro clone for that duty 100% of the time. I have been looking towards getting a mirrorless camera and seem like the Sony a6300 might be what I want. As I dont have tons of base information on cameras and am not super in to tweaking things, and mostly use it as a point and shoot (98% of the time), but I do like having decent glass compared to a fixed lens this kind of puts me in this area.

Looking for upgrade to D40 as I want video ability on it as well
Like the slimmer size of Mirrorless options
Think I like the Sony a6300

What do you guys think?

Canon … has made a 40D. I guess that is what you mean.

I am a Sony shooter myself. And I would not recommend Sony to you, I would say: Look at Fuji! Same sensor size, better jpgs, easier menu system, outstanding lenses!

What is your budget?

Depends on the sales pitch ideally between $500-1200

Take a look at the X-E3. Here in Germany you can get that camera with the 18-55mm (which is anything but a normal kit lens) for around 1000,- Euro brand new, around 900,- as a warehouse deal or even less if you’re ok with buying used.

And if you want something special, get the 35mm f/1.4. It is an older lens but in the right light it is almost magical.

Was looking at Used Sony Alpha a6300 w/ F3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens, E 18-135mm for $880+tax

Why that one?

1080p 120
4k (if i want to mess around and try)

18-135 so i can use 1 lens (I have a 18-55 and 55-200 for my d40 and was pretty much the most i would want)

So video is on the top of your list? Because then I would go straight to panasonic.

Some suggestions and why?

G7 because 4K and dirt cheap, G85 because IBIS / Dual-IS ready and still cheaper than the 6300 … and both of those won’t overheat.

Also the Panasonic-Leica lenses are extremely good optics.
Sony is leading in pretty much every comparison, I don’t plan on shooting long stuff (15 min top probably less) so overheating shouldnt be an issue.

err thats gx not just g

G85, not GX85. Panasonic is a bit silly with their naming in different countries. Try G81 or G80.

Pretty much all of the panasonic have smaller senors(micro four thirds vs APS-C)

Alright, I gave you suggestions, I gave you reasons for them. You are just spitting out specs for some reason.

What do you actually wanna do with your camera? And I mean in detail. What is important and why?

How much worse is low light for micro four thirds vs APS-C? (im still researching as we talk)

What do you think of the Canon M50?

if video is a high priority I’d avoid the m50, native glass isn’t ideal and the acquisition could be a lot better.

Low light is a complicated issue that doesn’t necessarily come down to sensor size, but if you’re really worried about it you could get a cheap panny with better codecs and a speedbooster

do you plan on vlogging? filming personal stuff? doing studio production? maybe commercial or wedding video?

Mostly just travel, video lenghts would be short. No vlogging no aspirations to get side gigs . Low light would be nice, smaller package is a perk as with travel lugging huge DSLR cameras is a bit of a pain. Probably would be getting like 18-180ish lense to remove the need for changing tons, would maybe have 1 fixed for when I know u don’t need distance

honestly these seem like pretty modest needs, if you want good mirrorless then sony, panasonic, fuji, olympus are the main contenders.

pros and cons of each:

Fuji glass isn’t ideal for video unless you’re in manual mode but the useability and digital rangefinder stuff is top tier

Sony on is the best on paper but constantly having to navigate a touch interface and the lack of a decent VF on their mid-end models is annoying,

Olympus is pretty average in all respects but one: their stabilization is magic

Panny has the best video features but middling to bad continuous AF while shooting video so pop and lock or manual are preferred

pretty much all mid-end mirrorless systems have “good enough” low light these days too.

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Placed an order for an A6000, borrowing some glass from a coworker for the trip and gonna decide what to get after.