Looking to upgrade and I've been out of the loop

So without getting into too much detail my pc has been picked apart and I'm using spare parts. My current set up is. Ignore prices and I forgot to include I'm using Windows 8.1


The Motherboard, CPU Cooler, Video Card, Case all need swapped out for one reason or another.

My friend who I'm borrowing the CPU cooler from keeps telling me that I need to switch to an Intel CPU but I don't see the reason. I use this rig for gaming, streaming/recording, music creating, and video rendering and my 8350 still does exactly what I need.

Here's the parts I'm looking into.


I'm pretty deadset on the the case mainly because it's quiet and black and blue. The 285 is in my price range, XFX has impressed me with the 260x I'm borrowing and I've never had an issue with AMD cards. I can go to about $600 ish USD

I've been away from PC's and the market in general for about 3 or so years and a lot has changed. So any recommendations on parts and is it worth the money to switch to an Intel CPU and where would I get the biggest performance boost?

The biggest performance boost you could get in gaming right now would be from a new graphics card. Your 260x is a pretty low end card, and if you did switch to the r9 285 or heck, even a 290/290x, you'd notice a BIG difference in games. 


I also DON'T think it is worth switching to an Intel CPU at this moment because you'll get minimal performance difference in games, and it'll cost you at least $250 (if you go with an i5) which could go towards that r9 285 which would get you a MUCH better performance boost in games. Depending on how much an improvement Broadwell (supposed release in Q1) is over Haswel, then it may be beneficial to upgrade the CPU then, but currently, I don't think it's worth upgrading the cpu. 


What i'd personally do is just upgrade the GPU for now and get that nice case that you plan on getting, and maybe get the Asus M5A99FX and overclock that 8350 as much as possible. 

What NLE are you using for the video work? If you're using Adobe they've now added OpenCL support. I'm not sure what it does as far as the MPE and rendering and all, but it means you're not locked into Nvidia cards. Either way, with what you want to do, I would try to find it in your budget to get either a GTX970 (~$330) or an R9 290x (~$280). 

FWIW, I haven't used an AMD machine for editing in several years, but if you're editing now and the CPU is keeping up fine, I'd put that money in the GPU. What format is the raw video that you're editing in? If it's H.264 or AVCHD, those are pretty processor-heavy codecs, so it stands to reason if your CPU isn't maxing out during regular playback (no effects or other post-processing) you should be fine. How much RAM do you have now? And what about hard drives/storage?

I'm currently using Adobe and H.264. As far as RAM goes just 8GB of 1600 but I have 16Gb of 1600 that I have still in the package until I get the rest of my upgraded stuff.


As far as Hardrives 128GB SSD and a total of 8GB of 7200 hard drive space

Your system seems to be pretty decent as it is. You're probably fine on memory with 16GB. And you can always leave the 8GB in there for 24GB; it may not be 'optimized' but whatever, it should work. I got 32GB for my video editing rig; I only really needed 16GB. After Effects will use a lot of RAM, but I have to be doing a lot in it to really push it. It is nice in those cases, but they're not all that frequent. You could maybe get another SSD for your render/cache/export drive, but it's not really necessary.


How are your encoding times for the music production? That's another CPU intensive task. If it's already reasonably quick, there's not much point upgrading. Why did you want a new CPU cooler? Can't keep the CPU cool enough or just want new hardware?


You could take your $600 budget for those parts you had wanted and get a GTX980. If you still want the case, GTX970/R9 290x, the case and some extra cash. Either way, as far as gaming, streaming/recording and video production go, a new GPU is going to help you out the most.

The cooler isn't actually mine. I'm borrowing it from a friend till I get a new one. My CPU has been great for everything but my friend keeps raving about how great Intel is and I haven't paid attention to CPU's in a very long time and wasn't sure if it would be worth upgrading.

Ooh, well then I'd do a 970/290x, a new cooler and that case.

As far as Intel vs AMD, there's benchmarks and then the real world. Benchmarks, Intel will outperform AMD with fewer cores, but at a higher price. But in actual use, it still works, who cares. They're both just making processors. I just built an X99 workstation for video editing. I had been working from a laptop (Samsung MBP-ripoff) and since it was a completely new build, I figured I'd just jump to the next gen now. AMD doesn't have any chips that compare to the Haswell-e's. Switching to Intel in your situation, you're basically just building a new system, and your performance would probably not improve all that much over what you're at now. A new higher end GPU, a new cooler because your friend probably wants theirs back, a new case and you should be good to go. When it does come time to build a new system, whatever GPU you get will more than likely still be plenty powerful...or you could SLI/Crossfire it if you feel you need more GPU oomph at that point.