Looking to snag a video camera on the cheap

Hey guys,

I am looking to snag an inexpensive (not cheap) camcorder for recording a wedding. Actually, I am advising my sister on what to get and need to know what questions she should be asking the sales clerk. They need to pick it up tomorrow so they are probably going to go to Best Buy. They are in Cali and I am not.

What should they be looking for? What is the optimum price range to get something decent but not expensive?
What questions should they ask to ensure they are not being screwed by a sales clerk who actually doesnt know anything about the cameras?

they have a camcorder from 2007 that is a 1MP POS. It still uses Firewire 400.
I'm the one who is going to be using the camcorder as the cameraman for the wedding ceremony. The only cameras I am familiar with are the ones at the TV studio in college.