Looking to move over from a Headset to Headphones

Hi Guys

So i have a G930 headset right now however i keep hearing a lot that sound quality is much better with headphones and i would like a stand alone mic anyway. 

When it comes to sound i am a bit of a noob i put in a sound card into my PC too which i read a lot that i shouldn't do and i should just use other things to make the sound quality better.

I just watched the video on the open headphones however i have a son and he can get quite loud at times so i was wondering if anyone has recommendations on any closed headphones or should i just stick with what i have?

Also i wear glasses so finding a comfortable pair of headphones is tricks because they normally make my glasses stick into the side of my head.

I do feel like i am learning about a whole new thing when i go into the sound part of PC's and i feel out my depth looking into it and think it might just be easier to just stick with a headset. Plus i only really use them for gaming and watching films/youtube.

I hope someone can help.

Thanks :)

I use Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro, the sound good and I have tried it with thick glasses frame, it won't hurt your temple. But the clamping force can be an issue and you might experience discomfort after a period of time. 

There quite a good price too. Thanks for the recommendation.

I would definitely suggest looking at the HP100. Great isolation, great sound, great all-arounder. I suggest you read some reviews on them and see what you think of them. Personally, I think they are fantastic. They also don't require amping, if you don't want to go that route since they are super easy to drive (my Clip+ drives them just fine).