Looking to go small and downgrade (please read)

Due to the size of my family home I cant have a pc desk, instead I use the dining table or hook my pc upto the tv.

My current system is ryzen 3 1300x
rx 570 devil
itx board
All on a custom itx test bench.

I was thinking of getting the following
inwin chopin + ryzen 5 3400g
Silverstone milo sst ml09b + lp gpu
Look for a case I can put under my monitor (has to be 44cm long and 23cm wide )

Im not a graphics snob and the most demanding game im playing is ghost recon breakpoint.

My monitor is a aoc freesynch, 144hrtz and I use a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse.

Any suggestions or help would be epic.

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SilverStone Grandia GD09 or one of the GD series. I’m going for the SilverStone Grandia GD07.

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Your RX 570 is too long otherwise you could go with a skyreach s4 mini

There’s been talks that he’s doing a Apu only case but only skyreach is available atm

If you can sell your 570 and grab a 5500 when addin board partners make their cards, then you a skyreach case keeps things incredibly cool and small

I dont think you should upgrade or even sidegrade at this point. Save your money. Let your machine die out on its own and replace as needed. There isn’t much value in changing from Ryzen 3 1300x to Ryzen 5 3400g at this time (unless you are getting these components for free). Hopefully by the time your PC breaks, you have more than enough to get a better performing card for your monitor.

I would like to comment that your monitor is mismatched with your graphics card. you are probably not maximizing the use of that high refresh rate monitor in your demanding games unless you are cranking it to low detail.

Also take note: miniaturizing computers are potentially expensive - you really cant make a pc small and performant without racking up price. My suggestion instead of miniaturization: Wall-mount! It may be potentially ugly but It is cheap and cool vs forcing components in a small cramped space. The vertical spaces in households are oftentimes underutilized.

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Thanks for the feedback , looks like I need to have a rethink on what to do

Sadly I can’t put any thing on the walls, due to space and where the power sockets are located (old house built in the 50s)

I just bought a Silverstone GD08 Case off a site here for $50AUD I gotta say what a fantastic case, I’m modding it tonight to fit a 240mm AIO and I figured out a way to install 4X 3.5" drives and 2x SSD’s. I’m putting this underneath my Monitor as well.

Going to cut that out with a dremel and the radiator will sit outside the case with the fans inside, going to use two Silverstone dust filters that came with the case with 3x intake fans under the drives and 2x 80mm exhaust fans at the rear.

You should consider this its perfect for your needs, I’m moving away from a giant RGB puke case to this bad boy, nothing short of awesome this case.

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