Looking to get a Shimian

Hey guys, couldn't think of a better place to put this post so I just put it here, Mods if there's a better spot please move this post. Thanks.


I'm looking into ordering a new 27'' Shimian off Ebay but I'm not too sure what to look for. Id like to keep it below $400 bucks including shipping. I was watching a couple videos where Logan was reviewing them and he was constantly mentioning that they only had DVI-D on them and how its better for not having latency lag. Is it really such a bad thing to get one that also has a HDMI port aswell or am I just being stupid?

Any sort of recommendations would be very much appreciated, Also I would prefer it to have a very slim bezel and not be Super high gloss, My desk is by a window and that would annoy the ever loving **** outa me lol.

post is in the right spot. no worries.

I would look at some of the other Korean monitor aswell. I personally Have the X-star dp2710 and i love it. WHen logan was talking about only having DL-DVI he was talkingabou less latency in the time it takes the monitor to realize what port the computer is plugged in to, kinda irrelevant.

Have you checkout logans comparison between 3 1440p displays? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY3Kn1fGGTI

That X-Star is lookin pretty nice actually. There's also a "pixel perfect" one on ebay atm for only 329.99 and free shipping too! They are 8ms response time compared to 6.5 on the shimian, will it make all that much of a difference?

unless my games dips into a lagg spike i can not notice any latency at all between 5ms and 8ms monitor i've used