Looking to get a second monitor is this a good one?

hey im wondering if this is a decent 21.5 inch 1080p monitor and ive found this one acer k222hql lcd monitor its looks quite good especially the hdmi port so i can play on my xbox 360 if i get really bored


You can probably do better, you should add your budget and what your intended use is (besides xbox 360, but that bit of information is helpful).

im not sure what my budget is thats the thing im just wondering on if this is a decent one and ill be using as a secondary monitor on my main setup and ill proberly play games on it and watch videos at the same time that sort of thing

You should get a 2nd copy of your main monitor if possible. I say that of course while at work on 3 different monitors. But at home I have 2 of the same screen, it is supposedly better for your eyes. And if nothing else it looks nice having 2 of the same screens.

My concern with the monitor in question is terrible viewing angles and a washed out picture. There's a lot of complaints in the amazon reviews for this model.

well if thats the case what monitor do you recommend also @cosaga i have no idea what my monitor is all i know is its a acer one i bought it years ago and i cant find the info for it with the email saying ive bought it

There should be an info sticker on the back, you are looking for a model number or M/N or Model#
However if you can't find that I say get an ASUS over an Acer not that acer makes bad monitors, but ASUS makes better ones for similar prices. The screens I have have rocked it for years. My Monitors

I've searched for this but I can't find any where to buy it in the uk


Pretty sure this is the monitor I have, so basically I chose very similar to @cosaga. I just prioritized an IPS panel over TN but it just depends on your preference.

here you go, I think

I think that is the UK link to amazon

I just picked up one of these yesterday it has a IPS panel, 24" screen and small bezels

It's an Acer G24HYLBIDX

ive looked at that today at college it looks almost like mine but the power button is in the center which may be nice so i dont have to reach to the right to turn it on ill wait till black friday to see how good the price is then see if i can get it