Looking to get 45-60 fps in battlefield

Hi im new to pc gaming and am loving it so far i upgraded my pc but looking for a recommendations on getting 40- 60 fps in battlefield 4 i currently get a max of 40 alraming i know here is my set up

GPU: R9-270x

CPU: Athlon ii X3 450 ( just bought a FX-6100)


OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit

HDD: 120 GB

im looking to get 40 min FPS

make sure your ram is running in dual channel an with 6gb I dont think it is what is your ram setup like

That 270x on all settings maxed out will probably only get about 40-45 fps. That CPU may not be doing you any good either though to be honest. Turn down the settings to high and you should be good, it looks about the same anywho =P

i check my ram i dont think i have it set to dual channel

For dual channel you want the matching sticks of ram in the matching spots to make it be in dual channel

it was set to dual channel could it be the processor im still running the athlon ii x3 450 i just bought the fx -6100 and waiting on shipping could the cpu be my problem?

ya the cpu could be holding you back

cool thanks soo much i needed to be super sure since im fairly new to pc gaming set ups

I get between 60 - 90 fps with a 4770k @ 4.2 ghz, 16GB Corsair vengeance RAM, OCZ Vector 256GB SSD and a Asus GTX 770 with everything on ultra.

I would say as the others most likely your GFX card and CPU holding you back a little, just to be clear im at 1920 x 1080.