Looking to finally get a second monitor (Higher than 1080P and 60Hz), suggestions?

Hey everyone,

As the title says I am finally going to get myself a second monitor. Getting some money for Christmas and I will be paying the rest. Now since I haven't changed/bought a monitor in a good number of years my knowledge is a little lacking but I know enough I think. My budget is anything under £500 though if needed I can pay between £50-100 extra if needed.

I will be using this new monitor as my main display for when I game, edit videos and occasion work in Photoshop. I want the monitor to go beyond 1080p and have a refresh rate of 144 ideally but 120Hz would be good as well. G-Sync would be rad as well as I have a 980 TI so I can make use of it.
My current monitor is 23 inches, 1080p and 60Hz.

This is one of the monitors I found so far that seems to tick all the boxes, I know it uses TN panels but I will be sitting in front of this monitor 90% of the time so that shouldn't be an issue. Reviews seem to be good for this monitor as far as I can tell without any major issues:

ROG Swift PG278Q:

Are there any other recommendations people have? I would appreciate it and feedback on the monitor above.

Any of the big name monitors is going to do well. It all comes down to taste and what fetures you would want. Make a list of what you need and compare all the montiors with those and just pick one.

Not a fan of the TN panel. After IPS I wouldn't be able to go to TN. Maybe wait a few months. I think they have a IPS version coming out soon.

You could save a good deal of money and get the free-sync equivalent and then just hope the drivers get hacked or nvidia starts to care about your freedom

379 pounds

Also I'd say screw high refresh rate and get a 4k IPS panel instead, preferably 40" like the wasabi mango, but this one's 27"
389 pounds

I use the qnix 27 inch 1440p and went to 100hz no problem. Stand is crap but works well with the raised part of my desk.