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Looking to extend WiFi range


I recently moved and the WiFi network does not extend far enough to properly reach my room and another room. I also can’t move the router since that is not my decision to make. Is there anything I can use that will extend the wifi so i can get a good connection without sacrificing to much network performance since I like to play online. The router we got is from comcast and does support 5ghz WiFi.

I may be able to run a network cable then I would not need the wifi but the people who have the other room will still have the same issue. I do not have any old routers to use as extenders, and will buy one if needed.


You shouldnt be using ISP controlled router hardware… In best practice I advise to purchase a router… However in the interest of SEEING if we could optimize a few advanced settings to help… whats the hardware model number…

Sometimes optimization of 2.4 ghz band can optimize edge cases and keep 5 for the core of the house…

If you want to opt for new hardware… Give me your price range. Without being two obtrusive are all your devices at least Wireless N? and would you want some sort of future proof-ability?


If you want wireless to wired you could go with a router that has bridge functionality, that should work in most cases. You can also do a repeater setup but that reduces bandwidth in most cases.

I would check up on the unifi mesh products as they appear to bring great antennas with them but do verify that they function with non-unifi gear as I haven’t checked on that.


Try to find a good wifi repeater. I’m currently using the AVM Fritz! 1750E and it’s the best piece of networking I’ve ever used. If you’re not in the EU just stay away from the Netgear white cube one. I had it and it worked fine for a week, it was a complete mess.
If you want to get better speeds those devices usually have an ethernet port to feed from.

Another solution could be a power line with wifi, if lines in your house are done well enough to support it.


This might be obvious but 5Ghz routers tend to also do 2.4Ghz at the same time.
5Ghz gives better performance where it reaches but 2.4Ghz reaches and bounces around further.
So i would check if the 2.4Ghz wifi is also useless.