Looking to buy non working GTX 780s

I can't fin them anywhere, so time to look on here LTT forums and what not. If you got a 780 and it's non functional tell me how and I might be interested in buying it. I'm in the range for anywhere from 0-250$max most likely. Unless it's super minor, then I can go into 300$. Not interested in anything with a broken PCB. More into things with broken caps of fets, or just broke overvolting or something like that. 

Mainly if it powers on or the "geforce gtx" led lights up when powered on, I'll definitely buy it. 

Don't know how payment will really work for each person so tweet me if interested @Avronick. or post here. Twitter will be wayy faster. 


sorry if I did something wrong in posting here. I spend most of my time over at the LTT forums, but to be honest I like Logans videos much better.

I have a great Ebay history for paying as soon as I can, so I can link you if needed.  

I tried to edit it, then hit save, and it made two posts.. I was just hoping an admin would remove the wrong one. I got confused.