Looking to build my Grandfather a computer

I've got a core i3-2100 as well as a 550W ATX non-modular PSU lying around and my grandfather is in the market for a computer. His budget is ~350 with OS, and he's looking to downsize significantly (mini ITX). The only requirements I have are: 1 PCIE slot on the mobo, 4gb of ram, and an SSD. I've got a few builds made on pcpartpicker but want to see if anyone can do better. I don't need a discrete GPU but the flexibility to add one would rock.


Note: I'm located in canada so canadian pricing applies to me.

What will he do with the pc?

Not much more than internet browsing, running some accounting software and storing photos.

He's using a HP prebuilt that has 2gb of ram and an intel e4400 but really wants a small machine.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1y3uV with windows

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1y3yx with linux

of course the case is all up to personal preference i went with something middle of the road price wise with what to me is a pretty good astetic

edit: are you sure he would even notice the speed of an ssd if that's all he's doing?

I agree on the SSD. A good quality HDD could save bank and not impede performance in basic web browsing, loading times, etc. Also I would look into mATX. I love uITX but sometimes the mATX stuff is just cheaper since its more common to find, expecially cases.

I've got a 200gb HDD for all the files. An SSD is definately a must.

If I can find a really small mATX that's considerably cheaper i'd consider it.