Looking To Build My First Rig

So, i finally have the extra time from work since i just graduated college and have room to game again. I want to build a monster rig that is quick for gaming but ill be live streaming also along with editing videos. I want something that is fast and asthetically good looking. So far all i know is i want to do liquid cooling along with dual graphics cards and maybe a AMD CPU since i've always liked to stray away from something that is always used in most builds like Intel CPU's but if its better than the AMD by a long shot i dont really mind but if its just by a few frames than ill go AMD. I want to keep it under $2,500 but if i have to i wont mind. So any ideas on what parts i should but for my build. Like i said its my first and any feedback is apreciated.

While supporting the underdog is generally a decent thing to do... A $2500 system doesn't make sense to use an AMD CPU, they are great for budget builds and systems that plow through heavily threaded workloads... but even then... If the system was used for a good amount of rendering, compression and other heavily threaded tasks, then I could recommend the FX8350... but not for a system more than $1200, at that point you could go with Intel's higher end i7s that will beat out the FX3850 in just about every task.

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Well the main reason im putting it at $2500 is because i heard a good liquid cooling kit isnt really that cheap so im just paving it for that along with maybe a few aesthetic things after the build. But if its lower than 2500 i dont really mind, im just looking for something that is a goliath that i can easily use to game with good frames that can stream with moderate rendering along with making it look just as good as it performs but nothing too crazy.

All i know so far is with the liquid cooling ill add a couple LED to make the fluid stand out but nothing too crazy, just to accent the rig. 

But the main reason i want AMD is because they are making there way up in the world with some really nice parts and the new CPU's they put out look really nice. Except i was always that kid that got the oposite that every one else had like when every one ranted about PS3 and how great it was i instantly got a 360 or when people loved yugioh i played MTG. I like having something that not many people use especially the people that like to bash it when its just as good if not better.

but really dude you need to go intel, I haven't seen cloud reccommend one intel build on the forum, now you can be differnent in the fact that you have a 2011build,where as everyone has 1155

I don't know anything about custom loops but since xeons don't overclock you won't need anything more than a AIO unit, while Everyone has Flashy UNICORN diarea LED lights in there rig you can have a sleek minimal rig

If that doesn't turn you just wait until I post a rig and see if it looks and performs to your liking

Yeah, I dont know why everyone likes all those flashy lights. I prefer the sleek and minimal look.

As for the build, I understand how you want to support AMD, but a $2,500 AMD Rig is just, weird. Your better off with Intel. If it makes you feel better, I'm gonna be supporting AMD next year with a rig.

-_- I recommend Intel builds frequently, since the release of the FX6300, less frequently than before. As a matter of fact my first post here was an Intel build as a reply to one of your builds. Right now, if its a gaming build >$800 without an SSD or >$900 with an SSD I recommend the i5 chips. 

Since the release of the FX chips and Trinity chips, I don't generally recommend any below the i5 Ks on Intel's side, I'd expect that to switch back when Intel releases their new chips. 


I like the build so far but by liquid cooling i want to go all out through the CPU and GPU. Basically blocks, resivour, radior, the whole 9 yards. 

if you want to build a custom liquid cooling loop it is way more fun to do the research yourself.. :)

and if you already know a bit about it or atleast all the components you need, then it wont take you long..

so go to performance pcs or the equivalent from where you are and get it.. think I used about 1000usd on my loop..  

okay but I don't know that much about liquid cooling, this is cheaper and getts the job done, you're looking at +$400 of the cooling alone where as its only $100 for AIO, once you've researched water cooling and tell me how much your set up would cost then I can remake a build acordingly

Well, ive already done the coolant part along with water blocks and pricing. Its just i havent really done anything with computers sine around 2005 and all my knowledge is in phones now so im really out of the loop on computer parts alone from what i hear from Tek and a few other sources. The only thing i know about and what im doing is water block cooling and assebly of the parts other than that im kinda out of the game.

if you drop the CPU/Mobo from my build down to this


and remove the H100 (but keep the SP120s, boss rad fans), you should have enough budget room for your water cooling loop