Looking to build my first pc

I am looking to build a pc that I wont have to upgrade to much in the future without blowing the price to performance ratio out of the water. I am fine if the cpu isn't the best since this is going to solely be a gaming rig.

Must haves are medium to high audio implementation, high to ultra graphics, high FPS, and over all quiet.


CPU will be fine for gaming.  i5s are pretty powerful.

Looks good.  You can even add another card for SLI if you wanted, too.

Good build, the only thing I would stay away from is that closed loop system. Had the chance to play around with them.

1) It's really expensive for what it is.

2) The quality is bad and should it break you have to rely on their support.

Either pay a little more and make a custom loop (you wouldn't regret it) or get a good air cooler.

Everything else is great.

Good luck.

It really depends on one's experience with AIOs.  I had a CM Seidon 120V($45 AIO) in my ITX build, and it worked fine despite a bit of pump noise(RMA for a replacement, atm).  Nothing leaked.  However, if you don't have space restrictions, I do personally prefer air coolers, which are often quieter and safer in general.

Noctua NH-D14, anyone?

Noctua NH-D14, anyone?

Awesome! If you have enough space, as you said.