Looking to Build a Pricey Miner

Alright, so i recently ran into some money, and I'm looking to build a bit coin machine.

I've seen cards that claim 300 GH/s to 600 GH/s .

Here's a link to those cards


Any alternatives you guys would recommend?

Also about the Rig in general, How barebones can i go with everything else such as the Ramm and processor.
Obviously the Power Supply is one area i can't skimp and i refuse too anyway. 

And one last thing. How accurate are bitcoin mining calculators? 
And are they any very accurate ones you know of that take into account power consumption as well?

My limit of spending on this rig is around $5000 


Also based on this calculator assuming bitcoin doesn't increase again. My main concern is the claim from this site of 300 GH/s when everything else i look at in comparison price building doesn't come even close to that.

Don't ask me how I know, but BFL is backlogged on their cards until the end of March, I believe. This was a few months ago, also.

I highly recommend you buy coins instead. The price of bitcoin will probably double before you get your card, and the difficulty of bitcoin is most likely going to double by then, also.

Right now there are 6TH mining, by end of January I would expect 12TH.


Yeah plus I believe they cheat and use the first batches themselves, therebye greatly increasing dificulty levels and cheating their customers out of value. Plus by then dificuluty will be alot harder anyway. They bassically admit to it now, they are 'renting' mining capacity on pre-order, they have pictures of their server farm....

No source. They do mine with customer hardware for up to one week before shipping. Has been proven if you watched the  hashrate of the pool they mine on.
So just be careful with who you purchase from. I waited for over a year for my order... If I bought bitcoin, I would own over 3000BTC right now. Keep it in mind the difficulty will be exponential due to the new hardware. The only mining company I currently like is KnCminer, and CoinTerra, but I do not recommend the purchase of the machines, and instead purchase the bitcoin.

I wish you luck in your decisions. :)

Yeah I hope they get their asses sued off in a class action law suit, yes it takes time for an unfinished pre-ordered product to be finished and manufactured, but to use them beforehand greatly devalues the product by exponentially increasing dificulty level as you said, if they use the actual products they ship out then that is even worse!

Its really fraud and theft of the value of the product.... :} We all know they are doing it though, ^.-

you could put a dozen r9 290's run for litecoin... with an athlon. and riser cables....

Building a Litecoin mining rig is a much better investment currently (see linked guides). With the recent value jump in Litecoins, a $1500 mining rig will generate over $700/month in Litecoins.