Looking to build a PC for Surfing the web, image editing with GIMP/Photoshop, and maybe more

I Don't want an extreme terminator computer, just one good enough to do everything i want it to do and be easy to take care of. i would like to spend less that 800$ but if it would make my PC Needs 1 2 and 3 much easier i am willing to go over (but i doubt that is necessary). I am not going to be playing videogames at all on this computer, i would like to make a separate computer for that.

My dad gave me a computer during highschool that runs off of Ubuntu, and it got water damaged a long time ago, i recently found out that my computer is acting up now because the parts that got wet may be rusting right now so instead of replacing the damaged part i would rather just throw away the computer (or just fix it up well enough to throw it away to my little brother) and make a new, better computer to replace it.I would like to use the Ubuntu operating system or some other Linux operating system with a similar desktop environment, please tell me which one you would suggest i get or if i should just use Windows 7 or something (Or what would be awesome is if i can actually use both operating systems somehow. I heard something like this was possible with multiple Hard Drives but i never learned how or if its true).

EDIT: I Forgot to mention my preferences for mouse and keyboards and stuff.

I would like to get a silent keyboard, have a thing for me to plug in the mouse and headphones, and illuminated so i can see it in the dark. As for the mouse i would like to get a similar mouse (Silent, Illuminated) where i can control the sensitivity on the fly, and wireless and easily rechargeable. The keyboard/mouse don't have to fit all the requirements at once but it would be nice if they did. Also, i do not want the keyboard to be wireless. If the keyboard i need does not automatically pop in your head as you read this description i would rather you direct me to an online store that sells keyboards and mice.


PC Needs:

  1. Surf the web pretty easily. I would like to be able to open alot of tabs at once and watch youtube videos at 720p. I may also play online games like the ones on kongregate (mainly elements the card game). and use a Million Firefox/Chrome applications.
  2. I would like to be able to use GIMP or Photoshop without any lagging at all. I may buy more of Adobes software in the future when i become a better artist. I am also looking to use it with a drawing tablet in the future but i would like to get that much later in time when i have everything i need to be productive.
  3. I would like to be able to store a ton of stock photos to manipulate with GIMP or Photoshop to make interesting images or wacky Gifs.
  4. I would also like to be able to make a library of documents of information i collect on the internet or from books about random things like "How to be funny" or "The entire History of Zues and the Greek Gods" or something like that. Im not sure if i should have certain computer parts over others for something as simple as this but maybe you can can suggest certain programs over others that would make doing this much easier or much more organized. If there is a program that exists that allows you to create and render information like this as if i was reading an actual book or encyclopedia i would like to know.
  5. I would also like to be able to save a ton of music onto my computer from CDs and maybe burn my own custom/collection of Metal and Rap Albums. I don't know how much space Music takes up but i am planning on buying alot of albums overtime.

You can build something for 600 dollars that will do anything you want it to do. HD video and anything else you want. You can even do light gaming.

AMD a8 6600k - $109.99

MSI  fm2 a55m e33 - $49.99

Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600mhz 8gb kit - $74.99

Western Digital Caviar Green 2tb hard drive - $88.06

Kingston 120gb SSDnow - $89.99

Cooler master HAF 912 - $59.99

Corsair CX600 600w psu - $50.99

Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler - $31.51

Windows 8 Pro - $129.99

Windows 7 Home Premium - $89.99

With windows 8 you will be spending 685.50. With Windows 7 you will spend about 645.50. You can always go with Linux Ubuntu as it has support for gimp. I don't know about photoshop. With ubuntu you will spend around 600 on just the computer. If you want you can partition the ssd and put ubuntu on one half and windows 7 on the other.(because you were wondering) I'm not an expert on mouse and keyboards but I'm sure someone else will be happy to help you with that on these forums. I'm assuming you already have a monitor. You will have to put your operating system(s) on the ssd. Save any programs that you are going to need to access quickly to the ssd. Put music, photos, etc. on the 2tb hard drive. This pc will be very fast and is a pretty good photoshop pc. As long as you are doing light-photoshop.(Nothing crazy)

Whoops! I forgot. Pick up a dvd/cd burner for around 20-25 dollars. Doesn't matter which one.

ex. Liteon, Asus, pioneer

If you are going to be doing photoshop professionally, but not now, then in the next 3 or 4 years upgrade the cpu, mobo, and, if you want, the ram. You can always get the same ram in 16gb(Crucial Ballistix sport 16gb) now and just upgrade the cpu and motherboard in the future. Also, you might want to pick up a good mid range graphics card with the cpu and motherboard upgrade a few years down the line.

If you want look at this vid. This isn't including the operating system or the keyboard/mouse. This is something that you can get more performance out of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiml6FxkWHo

the build that I detailed is something cheap that can run photoshop and has a ton of space. The build detailed in the video is something that can run photoshop professionally and is better for livestreaming to youtube and video editing.

this is amazing

thanks for helping me out with picking the parts to my next PC.

i only have one more question now, should all of these parts be available at my local computer store or should i order these parts online?

here's my build, FM2 isn't really geared for productivity, just budget gaming its CPU portion lacks a certain kind of horse power required for your field of work also I could fit in a GPU with more Teraflops for GPU acceleration

the heatsink is "optional" meaning you can get that later if you so choose, I just recommend it so you don't have a turbine spinning, also you can get to 4Ghz on the 4670K with that cooler, you'll need to undervolt though to keep temps down

some of you will think I'm crazy but haswell isn't as hot as you may think, logan just had a really shitty CPU sample



This is the build in the video, for 800$ all from Amazon. You can off course check the prices at other online retailers (just click edit list and check the alternatives) and take advantage of certain combo's or promo's. I guess you could take the list to your local retailer and they'll be happy to sell you directly what they have in store and backorder the rest. You'll be paying for that service in one way or another ... your choice.

the 8350 CPU is arguable either way but you'd be better off getting the way cheaper and faster 7770


they may trade gaming blows but check out the productivity, knocks it out of the park

is any computer case or cooling fan OK?

GAH! I forgot to link the Case in, fixed

Yeah, I agree with gigabusterEXE. I don't know much about photoshop. I have used FM2 cpus and mobos in the past and they are good for gaming. I am not that much of an expert when it doesn't come to gaming. I build computers for people who want really fast desktop computers for just internet surfing. I always use the kingston ssdnows. The 8350 is really fast and so is the 7770. Just remember that if you want a good, cheap option, the amd apus(the 6000 series, that is) are pretty good in photoshop. The predecessors (5000 series and below) aren't very fast but these new ones are pretty surprising in performance. I always use them in my mid grade gaming builds. If you want a cheaper option than the 8350 you can always get the 6300. The 6300 is a six core and is screaming fast for the price.(120 dollars) Definitely go for the ssd. You won't regret it. The 2tb hard drive is going to be plenty but if you want a 1tb, the western digital caviar blue 7200rpm is on sale this week. Check amazon. Yesterday it was 50 dollars. That is ridiculous. PICK IT UP NOW.